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Nullcube is a small, independent, vendor-neutral security consultancy, serving clients accross the world since 2001.

The company was founded by Aldo Cortesi, who often writes about security and privacy issues on his personal blog.


Why Apple's UDID had to die (19 Sep 2011)
The latest in a series of articles on Apple's UDID. This time reporting serious privacy lapses affecting tens of millions of users, due to the misuse of UDIDs for single-signon.
How UDIDs are used: a survey (19 May 2011)
How are UDIDs used? A broader look at the use of UDIDs in IOS applications shows some disturbing trends.
De-anonymizing Apple UDIDs with OpenFeint (04 May 2011)
OpenFeint's public API can be used to de-anonymize UDIDs.
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